Waste Fryer Oil removal Professionals Grease Trap Cleaning and

Rex Services is your trusted and licensed grease disposal professional.

Rex Services are specialists in grease trap cleaning and waste fryer oil removal for restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, and hospitals. We have a fleet of trucks that vacuum and pump out all grease trap and waste oil material from your food preparation facility. We are fully licensed by the Ministry of Environment & Energy (MOEE) to collect and transport material.

Our Service Commitment

No more poor service frustration or let downs with Rex Services. With many years experience providing services to the foodservice industry, we understand that good oil collection and grease trap services have become somewhat secondary with many operators. To the contrary, as an independent operator we are able to provide your establishment with a service flexibility that ensures your establishment will receive our reliable “on time service” will enable your business to operate seamlessly and for you to devote more of your time to your core business.