Grease Trap Cleaning Service

Grease traps and interceptors are no place to cut corners, especially when you’re choosing a service provider. Improper or irregular grease trap pumping and cleaning or maintenance can create huge problems for your business i.e. line blockages, overflows or regulatory violations. With Rex Services professional grease trap service, you can rest easy knowing you have selected one of the most reliable service companies in the industry.

  • We are an approved service provider licensed by the MOEE (Ministry of the Environment and Energy)
  • Our service technicians are trained to responsibly and efficiently service your traps
  • All fat’s oils, grease, water and solids are removed from your grease trap or interceptor
  • Your grease traps are thoroughly rinsed and rise water removed as well
  • Your grease trap services can be scheduled regularly and without disrupting your business
  • The organic materials from your grease trap or interceptor are separated and reused as feedstock in anaerobic digesters that generate energy

Before Grease Trap Cleaning

After Grease Trap Cleaning by Rex Services