Used Cooking Oil Recycling Service

Rex Services offers you a green solution to dispose of your used cooking oils and fats. The used cooking oils and fats are collected and transported to our processing facility in Scarborough, Ontario, where they are refined and reused in biodiesel and many other consumer products that contribute to a more sustainable environment. We also ship all organic materials collected as a by-product of your used cooking oils and grease to be reused as feedstock in anaerobic digesters that generate energy.

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  • No more waiting for your service provider to empty a full container before you can change your fryers and discard your used oils or grease
  • Our reliable ‘on time’ service scheduling is based on your establishment’s output of used cooking oils and grease ensuring you get service when you need it most


  • Used cooking oils and grease have a value. They are traded as “Yellow Grease” on an open market (Chicago Board of Trade)
  • We will pay you a fair price for your used cooking oils and grease based on the Yellow Grease market

Collection Containers

  • We are able to supply industry leading spill and splash resistant collection containers with heavy duty theft resistant lids free of charge
  • Several shapes and sizes are available

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